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Learning Point

City of Houston
Business Community

Attract Sponsors: NASA + University of Texas

When NASA and the University of Texas joined forces on a mission to make space interesting to everyday people, they created a multimedia property that needed to grow new revenue streams pronto. Work included: sponsorship-marketing strategy, positioning, pricing and repackaging of media assets to win sponsors.

“We landed a deal within a few months of working with LitLamp. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Sandra Preston, executive producer, StarDate.

Convince Cynics: Learning Point

This award-winning communications campaign converted a cloistered think tank into a vibrant, client-focused culture. Work included: positioning, digital asset design, thought leadership content and a sales strategy that PhDs would embrace.

“The project transformed us from a cost center to a revenue generator. Our culture had to change and LitLamp helped get us there.”

—Ted Stilwell, Chief Education Officer

Think Ahead: City of Houston + Business Community + Arts

Will the future like you? We helped the city of Houston answer that question. A custom ethnography tracked attitudes and business priorities for a new breed of creative and tech enterprises springing up in Houston. The study was a rare collaboration between the arts and business community that helped the city tell a new story of the future.

Doris Duke
Charitable Trust

FINRA Foundation

Open Society Institute
Privacy Revolution

Reveal Trends: Steppenwolf Theatre + Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

This Millennial research project commissioned by Steppenwolf Theatre Company and funded by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, uncovered the cutting-edge social media practices of global brands. The final report, Tipping the Culture, was made accessible and shareable through a trans-media campaign resulting in 7,000+ downloads of the eBook worldwide.

Speed Adoption: FINRA Foundation + ALA

A financial services philanthropy had invested in an array of free, unbiased financial literacy tools. But without a multi-channel distribution plan, the materials couldn’t make an impact. A national outreach strategy delivered a presence in over 95 U.S. markets. Robust digital assets expanded reach to over 18 million households of underserved Americans with information and tools necessary for financial success. Work included: message propagation planning, digital asset development, social media strategy, community outreach, email marketing, PR and thought-leadership content.

“Your work was both creative and effective.”

Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director, American Library Association

Seed Change: Open Society Institute + Privacy Revolution

This breakthrough campaign sought to speed adoption of information privacy as a social norm. Work included: brand strategy, message propagation, spokesperson recruitment, social media strategy, audience development, and train-the-trainer workshops.


Drive Demand: NogginLabs

A bustling eLearning developer wanted fewer clients, but bigger projects from C-suite buyers. A brand strategy and PR campaign resulted in an international innovation award for NogginLabs. Other winners included Apple and IDEO, thereby opening doors to Fortune 500 prospects. Work included: opportunity research, brand strategy, positioning, executive interviews, and PR.